On Thursday 2 November our Triathlon Academy students and staff attended the School Sport WA Triathlon at Champion Lakes. At 6.30am a bus full of nervous, but excited, students departed for what promised to be and most definitely was, a riveting day.

The day kicked off with our junior boys at 10.35am. A 300m swim, 11km bike and 2km run in perfect conditions set a great challenge for our boys. Billy Tester had a cracking swim, leading the JBSC boys out of the water, with Grayson Vila and Kenny O’Brien fist pumping as they hit the timing mat in transition, conquering their first ever open water swim race. On to the bike leg and Nick Greetham laid a marker, passing thirteen other competitors out on course. The 2km run in hot conditions saw Cameron Menzies, Colby Kay, Matthew Eyre and Luke Davies digging deep and getting the job done.

Our junior females followed soon after, with a 10.37am start. All the girls had steady swims, sighting well and trying their best to sit on other competitors toes. Caitlin Kapelle led our girls out of the water, with Brooke Steele, Paige Cunningham, Lisa Kelsey and Kiara Dexter following close behind. Some speedy transitions by our girls saw them pass many other competitors as they excited transition. The fighting spirit and mental toughness of our girls stood out from the crowd, as they supported each other on course and fed off one another’s energy to get to the finish line.

At 11.15am Blaise Kay, Alex La Thornton, Ben Steele, Oliver Green, Liam Lillie, Henri Jansen Van Rensburg and William Holdsworth took on the novice course with distances of 300m swim, 16km bike and 3km run. Blaise led our boys out of the swim in 6th position. He worked hard over the 16km bike to maintain 6th, all the way into transitions 2 and out on the run. Due to abdominal cramping on the run, Blaise had to fight a huge battle to keep moving forward. Ben Steele upped his game and grabbed the opportunity to go for it on the run and chased down Blaise. Henri, Liam, Alex, Will and Ollie put together consistent, steady races and all fought hard on the run to finish out strong, with Ollie Green having an exceptional run after a tough bike. Ben Steele secured himself a place in the top 10!

Our novice girls followed soon after the boys with Ashleigh Rowley and Maddie Drew giving the 300m swim, 16km bike and 3km run their best effort. As experienced academy members and having raced this course before, Ashleigh and Maddie paced themselves well. Consistent swims and bikes by both girls, saw them both heading out onto the run course, looking fit and strong. Ashleigh led the girls and really showed her strength in the run leg. Both girls finished strong and were cheered home by all our junior athletes.

We had a number of students who could not race due to injury and sickness, however, they were exceptional support and help to the teachers and the JBSC competitors. A special thank you to Jemima Hignett, Jazmine Parkin, Janaki Valji, Kyza Noon and Cameron Holdsworth for their assistance on the day. It’s not easy when you have put in all the hard yards, attending training three times per week for three terms and just like that, you can’t race. These students never complained, just took advantage of the opportunity to learn from others and embraced race day.

SSWA Triathlon Participants

We made mistakes, but learned lots. A great day all round!

Successful, enjoyable days like these don’t happen without a lot of work behind the scenes. Thank you to all the parents and carers who support the JBSC Triathlon Academy, getting their children to training three early mornings per week. To the students themselves, congratulations to you all. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to the academy are paying off. Keep up the great effort and let’s get excited for our first ever Triathlon Academy Camp at the end of the term.


Ms Clodagh Glynn and Mr Sam Creasey

Joseph Banks Secondary College

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