Integrated Studies: Year 9

Design learning
In Year 9 Integrated Studies your journey concludes with a focus on design process learning and developing your leadership and employability skills for the future

Year 9 Integrated Studies

3 D’s focus: Design based learning

Theme for the year: ‘Design your future’

Term 1

  1. Grand Designs

In this project you will investigate the STEAM concepts inherent in designing a dream building; and explore the roles of different professions within this process. In this project you will learn about the roles of some of the professionals involved in creating Grand Designs (Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers), the STEAM concepts involved in creating buildings, how design technologies are applied in professional contexts, and how to apply for a job. Additionally you will get to experience creating floor plans, scale architectural models and 3D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) mock ups of your Grand Design.

Term 2

  1. YouTubers- Create your own video

In this project you will work in a small group of 2 to plan, design, create and deliver a YouTube style video as a part of an imaginary channel. This video will be a 2-3 minute video designed as either a;

  • How to video
  • Comedy video
  • Educational video
  • Vlog
  • Other video – but you must get your concept approved before deciding on doing this

The YouTubers project will develop your skills in:

  • Collaboration and working as a team to produce a required product
  • Planning and implementing this plan to produce a required product
  • Time management by ensuring you/your group meets required deadlines throughout the project
  • Applying design thinking, creativity and enterprise skills to meet the requirements of the given brief
  • Investigate components and resources available to develop your video
  • Identify constraints and produce the required product given available resources and other limitations

  1. NAIDOC Expo

In this scenario based project Joseph Banks Secondary College has asked the Year 9’s to be responsible for organising a NAIDOC event on Thursday 1 July. The NAIDOC event will take place in the quadrangle area between Endeavour and Discovery buildings and run from recess until the end of lunch. Stalls will be set up either in your communities, and some will be outside in the quadrangle area between Discovery and Endeavour buildings. A panel consisting of some of our indigenous students and staff will select the stalls to operate in the quad area. Students whose stalls are selected will operate them from recess to lunch so that all students have an opportunity to see the stalls

All students will be expected to submit:

  • Minutes and agendas of all meetings (minimum of three meetings to be held)
  • Each student’s draft proposal of a complete stall idea
  • A detailed final plan of stall plan
  • Final implementation of your idea (observation)
  • Evaluation of project success and what you would do differently