Anita O’Brien

Leading Teacher - Learning Support

Anita O’Brien is the Leading Teacher of Learning Support at Joseph Banks Secondary Collee with 13 years’ experience advocating for inclusive education and individualised success for all students.  As a Literature and English Teacher of 22 years, she is passionate about her subject as an avenue to explore and critically engage with ideas that illuminate the universality of human experience to develop compassion and understanding across cultures.  To develop her leadership, she is both Mentor and Mentee in the Department of Education (DoE) WA Future Leaders Framework. As a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, she identifies and mentor’s teachers at the college who are L3CT Aspirants. Her professional achievements include member of School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA) Literature Course Advisory Committee and Chairperson. DoE representative to ACARA in negotiating the WA Literature course and DoE, Teacher Development Centre Coordinator of Literature.  She is rescue dog owner- 5 to date; proud parent of two, including a LBGTQIA person and adventurous foodie.