Sarah Papaelias

School Psychologist

At Joseph Banks Secondary College, we have employed two School Psychologists who provide support to the College full-time and part-time. Our School Psychologists work closely with our leadership teams to implement support for students in areas of learning, behaviour, and mental health and wellbeing. This is achieved through the delivery of both preventative and responsive services directly and indirectly to students, parents and teachers.

Our School Psychologists also provide consultative support to improve processes and program delivery across the whole-school. They work closely with our Student Support Team and the Wellbeing Warriors Team to implement initiatives across the College to promote wellbeing and facilitate mental health awareness, and have established close partnerships with mental health services in our local community.

Students, parents and teachers who wish to request support from our School Psychologists can consult with the relevant Leading Teacher of each learning community. The Leading Teacher will work closely with families to determine an appropriate avenue of support.