Business Management and Enterprise (General)

The Business Management and Enterprise General course focuses on establishing and operating a small business in Australia and aims to provide students with an understanding of the knowledge and skills of the processes and procedures required for generating business ideas and turning them into a viable business venture.

Career and Enterprise (ATAR)

Career education involves learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development. The Career and Enterprise ATAR course involves recognising one’s individual skills and talents, and using this understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social SciencesThe Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) learning area is the combination of four subjects. HASS is Geography, History, Business & Economics and Civics & Citizenship all in one.View Courses At Joseph Banks Secondary College, students explore HASS themes associated with human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, […]


Our Northern Perth P-TECH program complements existing tertiary cyber security initiatives by providing the opportunity for the cyber security industry to ‘reach back’ into secondary schools to encourage and support more young people to pursue a cyber security pathway that extends beyond school.