Priority One: Student Learning

Our aim is to develop students who are literate, numerate and curious.

  • Improved Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN
  • Increased numbers of students completing OLNA
  • Increased median ATAR
  • Increased EST achievement data
  • 100% Certificate completion rate
  • 100% attainment rate
  • Increased numbers of students in STEAM pathways
  • Increased numbers of students with knowledge, understanding and application of adaptive coping skills and self-regulation
  • High numbers of students ‘first in line’ for jobs
  • Continue development of Academies, including: Soccer, Triathlon, Creative and Performing Arts and a Space Academy.
  • Differentiated and flexible learning programs across all Domains
  • Data literate and collaborative teams
  • High numbers of achieving students
  • A wide range of curriculum choice provided through:
    • Flexible timetabling
    • Innovative subject selections
    • Academies of Excellence
    • High numbers of students in STEAM related subjects
    • Gifted and Talented education
    • Personalised pathways
  • Students leading a range of initiatives, both within the College and within the community
  • Student designed projects and students teaching others
  • Happy, kind students
  • Stage 3 build including a purpose built Mars simulation centre

Priority Two: Staff Learning

Our aim is to develop staff who can flourish in collaborative teams.

  • Consistent practice between classrooms
  • Lesson design framework applied and evident
  • High levels of student achievement
  • Highly effective teaching staff
  • Highly effective support staff
  • Two Professional Development Conversations per year
  • Graduate teachers achieving proficient standard
  • A culture of high performance – people development; high expectations; intellectual stimulation; inspiration; positive role models; efficient communication; and a range of decision making processes
  • Collaborative teams sharing instructional practice and planning for improvement
  • Students as active learners and students seeking mastery in learning
  • Happy, kind staff and students who flourish

Priority Three: Leadership Learning

Our aim is to develop leaders who can contribute to the College, the community and the Department of Education.

  • Increasing the number of staff winning leadership positions within the Department of Education
  • Increasing the number of Level 3 Classroom Teachers
  • Increasing the number of staff invited to present at networks, conferences and other Professional Learning opportunities for professional associations and the Department of Education
  • Increasing the number of ‘new’ staff identifying they wish to access leadership opportunities
  • A culture of high performance and leadership:
    • Clarity of purpose
    • Leaders as role models
    • Distributed leadership
    • Flourishing staff and students

Priority Four: Community Learning

Our aim is to connect purposefully with our community.

  • Involving parents in planning for learning with staff and students
  • Continued strong parent participation in the College P&C and other related committees
  • Increased numbers of parents volunteering and assisting in after school programs
  • Increased numbers of students enrolling from local primary schools
  • Increased numbers of Aboriginal families enrolled, involved and engaged in learning programs at Joseph Banks Secondary College
  • Reconciliation Action Plan completed
  • Staff training in 2-way Learning
  • Satisfied parents
  • A multicultural, inclusive school
  • Parents in classrooms and offices
  • Visible Aboriginal artworks, cultural artefacts and identity around the College
  • A Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Awards

Priority Five: Resources for Learning

Our aim is to innovatively maximise resources to enhance learning for all community members

  • Increasing the number of strategic partnerships with tertiary and industry partners
  • Increasing the enrolments of SCIScope, CoRE and P-Tech
  • Increasing the uptake and retention of our Senior School students
  • Increasing overall enrolments
  • Increasing monies into the College budget from external sources
  • The Wanneroo Education Network PLC
  • Obtaining a Stage 3 build
  • Undercover areas for Health and Physical Education classes
  • Memorandums of Understanding or Agreement with businesses and tertiary education institutions
  • University, TAFE and Industry partners onsite
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletter, Academic and media publications
  • Awards

Joseph Banks Secondary College

Joseph Banks Secondary College