The Parent and Citizen Association (P&C) is the voice of the parents.

It’s at P&C meetings that decisions affecting certain aspects of our children’s time at college are made.

P&C meetings are usually held twice a term. Any parent, guardian or community member can attend and it will cost you just $1 per year to be a member and have a vote.

P&C associations are a great way to:

  • Get the inside story on what’s really happening in the college (not the gossip). The principal usually is available to answer questions and other staff members attend too.
  • Make a difference to your child’s education and create better relationships with the staff.
  • Contribute to the college’s resources through various fundraising projects.
  • Meet other parents.

Colleges have their own budgets but invariably they need more than the budget allows. That’s where the P&C becomes a really valuable partner. So far we have held a number of fundraising events run by our volunteers such as sausage sizzles and cake stalls. We are also involved with providing numerous stalls and activities at Spring in the Grove.

All money raised by the P&C must be used for the benefit of the college, including the yearly $20 P&C voluntary contribution. As a P&C member, you get to vote on how funds are used and ultimately, that can only benefit your child too.

If you are interested in joining please visit our Facebook page or email

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Entertainment Book

The new 2019|2020 Entertainment™ Memberships are here, and this year we will be fundraising with them again to raise funds for Joseph Banks Secondary College. The memberships sell for $70 and we keep 20% from every membership we sell.

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