Following the success of our Annual Tours. We are pleased to highlight proposed future tours in the document below. The tours will feature an education based itinerary that will contribute to students’ appreciation and awareness of the world in which they live, opening their eyes to new perspectives and career aspirations, expanding their horizons and enhancing their understanding of the key elements of each country including its history and culture. Students will also be able to select additional educational activities focusing upon the arts, science and technology or sport.

The itinerary will extend the classroom and stimulate student’s appetite for further learning and discovery important to secondary school performance. Site visits, school visits, walking tutorials and other activities will be infused with shopping and personal adventures to create a memorable touring experience. Student touring also contributes to many aspects of personal and social development, and enhances self-management skills.

Expression of interest will be open each year and information evenings will be communicated to parents closer to the time.

Proposed Future Student Tours