On Sunday the 25th of March the Joseph Banks Triathlon Academy (JBTA) participated in the Mullaloo Triathlon. We had 19 students attending, with 18 successfully completing the race. We started our Sunday while the majority of Perth was still fast asleep.

Triathletes awoke to dark, humid, overcast and rather gloomy conditions. Conditions that would put seasoned triathlon veterans into a panic. The wind started to pick up before racing got underway, with one of the sighting buoys being blown out to sea during the Olympic Distance competition, extending the 1500m swim by a couple of hundred metres. Despite the strong wind and gloomy conditions, we did not have one JBTA athlete complain or give in to the little voice on their shoulder. Our open water training paid dividends with our triathletes finishing their swim in the top half of their race waves. One student in particular, “raced like he trained” and was the first JBTA triathlete out of the water, beating some strong swimmers from our Academy. Well done Nick Greetham!


With the Swim over our Triathletes moved onto the bike ride, 10kms of undulating course with a strong tail, side and head wind to contend with. We had one casualty on the bike with Gemima having to finish her race 2kms into the bike with a flat tyre. This was very disappointing for Gemima as she has been training consistently since coming back to academy sessions after injuring her ankle. We look forward to seeing Gemima successfully completing her next race.

Having survived the very windy and undulating course on the bike, our triathletes entered T2 before exiting and heading out for their out and back 2 km run. This was pretty flat and fast course, so as long as our triathletes paced themselves on the bike they would fly through the run.


Notable Achievements:

  • Henri JVR took 1 min off his time from last year and was first male home for JBTA with a time of 42:44 mins
  • Caitlyn Capelle took 2 mins off her time from last year and was our first female home for JBTA with a time of 44:50 mins
  • Lisa Kelsey took 5 mins off her time and said she could have gone faster
  • Cam Menzies threw up 5 or 6 times on the bike but persisted and completed his race
  • A number of new recruits all completed their first Triathlon and passed with flying colours – Connor Richards, Lewis Love, Skye Massey, Ryan Greetham, Ruben Minty.


Special Mention:

Tamsin Vickers attended the race with the plan to complete it despite an ongoing knee issue. Tamsin made her way through the first 2 disciplines to then make her way onto the run and hobble her way through with on course support from Gemima Hignett. This was fantastic to see such support and comradery from students in our Academy. Miss Glynn, Miss Hoult and I are very proud to have a group under our guidance who will demonstrate initiative and support without being asked. Well done to both of you.

Sam Creasey

Triathlon and HPE Teacher

Joseph Banks Secondary College

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