What is SEQTA?

SEQTA is the Learning Management System (LMS) platform that the College has chosen to use. SEQTA is a powerful tool that allows staff, students and family members to engage in course content, assessments and more, while opening communication channels so that everyone is on the same page. SEQTA is available to parents, families and students through a web browser or app on a mobile device.


SEQTA allows our staff to record information such as wellbeing, attendance, pastoral care, while also providing the ability for our staff to publish course work and resources to students for each lesson.


Through SEQTA, students will submit assessments, receive feedback, view their timetable, engage with lesson content and communicate with staff.


SEQTA allows families, parents and guardians to view what their student can see, including feedback, grades and course work. Additionally, family members with access can also view their child's attendance records.

Getting Started with SEQTA

Getting Started: Students

Once students have their devices configured by the IT Support Team for the College, they can follow the instructions outlined at the link below to sign in to SEQTA and other applications. Students can also use the “Student Login” option under SEQTA in menu of this website to access SEQTA without the SEQTA App. Students should use their normal username and password to access SEQTA.

Getting Started: Parents & Families

Parents and families with existing access can login to SEQTA here. 

All new parents and families to the College will receive a welcome email at the beginning of the school year. This welcome email provides the information and step by step instructions on how parents can setup their account.

If you are unable to access SEQTA, or are unsure of your username and/or password, please contact our IT Service Desk.

Additionally parents and families can access SEQTA through the methods below:

Getting Started: Staff

New staff will receive access to SEQTA as part of their induction and on-boarding process.