Celebrating Creative Excellence

Young Originals Annual Exhibition

We are thrilled to be invited to the grand opening of the highly anticipated Young Originals annual exhibition (https://youngoriginals.com.au/2023/), a showcase of exceptional creativity and artistic talent, officially inaugurated by Melissa Gillet, President of WASSEA (West Australian Secondary School Executives Association), and Professor Katya Johanson, Associate Dean of Creative Humanities in the School of Arts & Humanities. This event marks a significant milestone in recognizing the incredible achievements of our budding young artists from Joseph Banks and pays homage to the dedicated efforts of our Design Teacher and Leading Teacher of Challenger, Robyn Rochat.

Honourable Mentions and Distinguished Achievements

It is with immense pride that we extend our heartiest congratulations to our remarkable students for their outstanding achievements in this year’s Young Originals exhibition. The talent on display is a testament to the passion, dedication, and hard work that each individual has poured into their creations.

Among the highlights of our achievements are the honourable mentions bestowed upon our gifted students and teacher, Robyn Rochat:

Owen Figliomeni (Year 12) "Take Control - End the Vape"

Owen’s digital illustration triptych, “Take Control-End the Vape,” stands as a powerful statement, tackling a pressing issue with creativity and finesse. His work not only showcases his artistic prowess but also sheds light on the importance of addressing significant societal concerns through the lens of art.

Chloe Leach (Year 12) "Our Thirsty Wardrobes"

Chloe’s remarkable triptych, “Our Thirsty Wardrobes,” ingeniously blends digital photography and design to explore a thought-provoking concept. Her work demonstrates a unique perspective and an eye for detail, captivating the viewer’s imagination.

Callum Terry (Year 12) "Think Twice"

Callum’s digital illustrations and design in “Think Twice” beckon viewers to delve deeper into the layers of his artistry. With a keen focus on visual storytelling, his creations encourage contemplation and dialogue, showcasing his adeptness at conveying complex ideas through his craft.

Our exhibition wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the exceptional guidance and mentorship provided by Robyn Rochat, our Design Teacher and Leading Teacher of Challenger. Robyn’s dedication to nurturing young talents is evident in the achievements of our students, reflecting her commitment to fostering creativity and pushing artistic boundaries.

It was so inspiring to see creativity, innovation, and the power of artistic expression at the Young Originals annual exhibition. We look forward to your presence and support as we celebrate the next generation of visionary artists!