Humanities and Social Sciences
The Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) learning area is the combination of four subjects. HASS is Geography, History, Business & Economics and Civics & Citizenship all in one.
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At Joseph Banks Secondary College, students explore HASS themes associated with human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political contexts. We strive to develop students’ ability to question their world, apply critical thought, problem solve, communicate effectively, and adapt to an ever-changing world as active and informed global citizens.


Starting in middle school with general HASS content that covers all four subject areas, students are then given the opportunity to personalise their pathways by selecting electives that further develop their understandings while building their skills and knowledge toward senior school topics, such as Politics & Law, Business Management & Enterprise, Modern History and Geography.


Year 7 & 8

Year 9

Deadly Diseases

With a strong emphasis on analysing and evaluating evidence as well as the ability to explain different perspectives, this elective examines the causes and effects of deadly diseases throughout history.

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Fabulous Finance

In this fun elective, you will learn to develop money management skills such as saving for a rainy day, budgeting, what you need to know about personal tax, researching and buying a car, and why credit matters and using credit wisely.

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World War I

In this elective, students will explore the common myths and legends of the ANZACs. They will expand their understanding of the global political influences that dragged Australia into the conflict and examine significant events and people of the war.

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Year 10

Geography 101

In this course, you will examine the management of environmental resources and analyse the use of indicators such as the Happy Planet Index and the Human Development index to determine reasons for the vast differences in wellbeing around the globe.

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World War II

Through the lens of an historian, you will critically examine World War II by using and creating questions for inquiry, based on a range of sources and build on your understandings of the key historical concepts.

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Year 11 & 12

Business Management and Enterprise (General)

The Business Management and Enterprise General course focuses on establishing and operating a small business in Australia and aims to provide students with an understanding of the knowledge and skills of the processes and procedures required for generating business ideas and turning them into a viable business venture.

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Career and Enterprise (ATAR)

Career education involves learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development. The Career and Enterprise ATAR course involves recognising one’s individual skills and talents, and using this understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work.

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Geography (General)

In the Geography General course students learn how to collect information from primary and secondary sources, such as field observation and data collection, mapping, monitoring, remote sensing, case studies and reports.

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Modern History (ATAR)

Studying the Modern History ATAR course enables students to become critical thinkers and helps inform their judgements and actions in a rapidly changing world.

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Modern History (General)

Studying the Modern History General course exposes students to a variety of historical sources, including government papers, extracts from newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, cartoons, paintings, graphs and secondary sources, in order to understand the historical narrative including cause and effect, and the forces influencing people and events.

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