The Science domain provides a range of curriculum and extra-curriculum options that students can engage with to drive their curiosity and solve some of the worlds big issues.


Throughout Year 7-9, students will have the opportunity to study all strands of Science, including Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Biology. Throughout middle school, students will not only develop their academic capacity in Science but also develop the fundamental skills of working in a laboratory through practical application, including experiments and problem-based learning.


As students transition to senior school, they are invited to selected courses supporting their personalised pathways, which includes an array of subjects covering all area’s of Science, including psychology and laboratory skills.

In Year 11 and 12, Joseph Banks Secondary College students have a wide range of choice, including four ATAR, five General and one certificate course to choose from.


The Science Domain also offers a range of extra-curricular courses in middle school to provide students to excel in Science, and are selected in addition to their normal Science classes. Joseph Banks Secondary College also provides an opportunity for our prospective scientists, offering our SCIscope program and Science on the road programs to engage students in Science.


If you have any questions with regards to the Science Learning Area, please don’t hesitate to contact us!”


Year 7 & 8

Year 9

CoRE (Year 9)

Develop your exploration skills by ‘exploring the unknown’ in Year 9 CoRE. You will investigate minerals, looking at how chemistry is used to extract metals; you will explore our oceans using various remote survey techniques; and will develop a plan for mining an asteroid in space.

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Exploring the Science of Everything

Exploring the Science of everything is designed to allow you to explore areas of Science that are of interest to you. It aims to reflect your interests in Science, introduce and improve Science Inquiry skills, and can be directly related to future careers that involve Science.

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Space Academy

In this elective you will work in partnership with space scientists to develop a training program for budding astrophysicists.

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Year 10

Cells to Survival

Domain: ScienceTimetable: Trimester 1, 2 or 3Length of Course: 1 Trimester Course Information Are you the next Fiona Wood? Were you fascinated by the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you want to find a cure for diabetes, cancer or obesity? Maybe your big question is why you have your mother’s

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Human Biology 101

In Human Biology 101, you will learn how the nervous and endocrine systems work together to achieve homeostasis and regulate all aspects of our body.

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Physics in Action

Physics in Action takes you behind the scenes of some of the worlds most daring and extreme sports that only a handful of people are willing to try.

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In this course you will conduct research, gather data and use online resources to investigate a range of topics including personality, learning style and mind tricks.

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Saving Planet Earth

In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore the conservation of endangered Western Australian species, investigate the effects of pollution on the water cycle and explore aquaponics and aquatic ecosystems.

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The Heat Is On!

Discover how the nature of heat flow is responsible for everything from your suntan to a home-cooked meal. You will also discover how all living things cope with heat energy and learn about the mechanisms and behaviours each has to thermoregulate.

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Year 11 & 12

Biology (ATAR)

A unique appreciation of life and a better understanding of the living world are gained through studying the Biology ATAR course.

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Chemistry (ATAR)

The Chemistry ATAR course equips students with the knowledge, understanding and opportunity to investigate properties and reactions of materials.

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Human Biology (ATAR)

The Human Biology ATAR course gives students a chance to explore what it is to be human—how the human body works, the origins of human variation, inheritance in humans, the evolution of the human species and population genetics.

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Physics (ATAR)

In the Physics ATAR course students will learn how energy and energy transformations can shape the environment from the small scale, in quantum leaps inside an atom’s electron cloud, through the human scale, in vehicles and the human body, to the large scale, in interactions between galaxies.

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Psychology (ATAR)

In the Psychology ATAR course students will be introduced to psychological knowledge which supports an understanding of the way individuals think, feel and behave in different contexts.

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Psychology (General)

In the Psychology General course students will be introduced to psychological knowledge which supports an understanding of the way individuals function in groups.

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