CoRE (Year 9)

Domain: Science
Timetable: All Trimesters
Length of Course: 1 Year

Course Information

Develop your exploration skills by ‘exploring the unknown’ in Year 9 CoRE. You will investigate minerals, looking at how chemistry is used to extract metals; you will explore our oceans using various remote survey techniques; and will develop a plan for mining an asteroid in space.

You will work in groups, developing your enterprise skills, to solve real-world problems. There are multiple opportunities for fieldtrips, where you will be exposed to professionals working in associated industries. To further develop your understanding of these industries, it is anticipated that you will work with industry mentors throughout the year to develop your problem solving and communication skills.

This course replaces Integrated Studies on the student’s timetable.

Additional Information

Estimated Charges: $70 plus additional charges for a camp of up to $250