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In Integrated Studies, students acquire and develop a set of essential 21st Century skills and engage in creative and innovative learning cross curricular learning opportunities which are underpinned by the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities, Cross Curricular Priorities and Digital Technologies Curriculum. 


Integrated Studies: Year 7

Discovery learningIn Year 7 Integrated Studies you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, inquiry and curiosity and develop your skills for the 21st Century . Course Code: 7ISDomain: Integrated StudiesTimetable: Trimester

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Integrated Studies: Year 8

Dynamic learningIn Year 8 Integrated Studies you’ll continue on a journey of dynamic learning where innovation and creativity drive you to new heights Course Code: 8ISDomain: Integrated StudiesTimetable: Trimester 1, 2

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Integrated Studies: Year 9

Design learningIn Year 9 Integrated Studies your journey concludes with a focus on design process learning and developing your leadership and employability skills for the future Year 9 Integrated Studies

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