Integrated Studies: Year 7

Discovery learning
In Year 7 Integrated Studies you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, inquiry and curiosity and develop your skills for the 21st Century .

Course Code: 7IS
Domain: Integrated Studies
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 and 3
Length of course: 1 Year

Year 7 Integrated Studies

3 D’s focus: Discovery Learning

Theme for the year: ‘Discover the world around you”

Term 1

  1. What if Sir Joseph Banks had Instagram?

In this task you will create a mock, imaginary Instagram profile that Sir Joseph Banks himself might have used if Instagram was around in 1768. The images that you research and find will be inserted into his Instagram profile. You’ll need to add comments and hashtags to each picture in the Instagram profile to make it look as real as possible!!

  1. Biomes Report / Endeavour Gardens Minecraft Project

You are Sir Joseph Banks’ personal assistant on the 1768 voyage of the Endeavour. The King of England has tasked you and three other members with the responsibility of undertaking an inquiry and compiling a formal report about four of the biomes visited during the Voyage. You will be responsible for choosing one biome and writing a formal report about it. 

After compiling your report your task is to Plan, Design and Produce a botanical garden in Minecraft for Education based on the voyage of the Endeavour and the biomes visited by Sir Joseph Banks during his travels.

Term 2

  1. War on Waste

The wastage of clothes and fashion is a major issue facing our planet. What can we do about this? Surely there’s a way that we can re-purpose or ‘up-cycle’ old clothes for the benefit of our planet and the environment.

In this project you are going to demonstrate your creativity by ‘upcycling’ old clothes or materials and ‘re-purpose’ them to convert them or change them into a new product that will reduce waste. We will work collaboratively to get our creative juices flowing and re-design – through Upcylcing – an upcycled product or garment (see suggested list below) that will benefit Planet Earth. Your newly created upcycled product will also provide an immediate benefit to the user of your product – this could be an entire community or an individual.

  1. Protecting the Planet – An address to the Student United Nations (U.N)

In this task you will work pairs and adopt the role of a country. Your country’s goal is to identify a threat or issue facing planet Earth today and to propose a solution to solve this threat. Your team/country will deliver a speech to a United Nations (U.N) General Assembly (the rest of your class) about this threat and how you intend to solve it.