Integrated Studies: Year 8

Dynamic learning
In Year 8 Integrated Studies you’ll continue on a journey of dynamic learning where innovation and creativity drive you to new heights

Course Code: 8IS
Domain: Integrated Studies
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 and 3
Length of course: 1 Year

 Year 8 Integrated Studies

3 D’s focus: Dynamic Learning

Theme for the year: ”A dynamic way of learning’

Term 1

  1. Raingutter Regatta

You and your partner are a boat engineering team who have been given the challenge of designing and manufacturing a boat each that can travel down a small 3 metre canal faster than boats designed by other student engineers. You are in charge of your boat’s design and propulsion system and must use a variety of materials from both school and home.

In addition to creating a model boat for racing, your task is to produce a formal report, comparing the two designs that you hand your partner have created, before making a final recommendation for the preferred design.


Term 2

  1. Shark Tank

In this project, you will be learning about entrepreneurs and business enterprise. Just like in the hit TV show ‘Shark Tank’ you’ll work in a team and form your own student business. You’ll come up with an awesome business idea and ‘pitch’ it to an audience.

Your idea might result in you coming up with an amazing product that can fill a gap in the market, or you might have a great idea for a service you could offer. Whatever idea you and your business team come up with, it’s going to be awesome!


  1. Indigenous Jersey Challenge

Inspired by the AFL’s ‘Indigenous Round’ Joseph Banks Secondary College has commissioned you to have an indigenous themed jersey for all of its sporting teams – Australian Football, Soccer, Basketball, Netball as well as indigenous themed Cheer quad uniform. Additionally, JBSC has invited students to design a an indigenous themed ‘hoodie’. Students will research various Indigenous themed sporting jerseys across a range of sports (AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball etc) and learn about both the artists responsible for the jersey designs, the artist’s intent and what the jerseys represent. Students will design an Indigenous sporting jersey designs to complement JBSC’s existing sporting kit and then create a digital solution that showcases and explains the Indigenous jersey design in a digital medium.