Integrated Studies (Year 9)

Domain: Integrated Studies
Timetable: All Trimesters
Length of Course: 1 Year (1 project per trimester)

Course Information

Integrated Studies is learning program that all students engage with from Years 7-9.

The three year program is staged to encourage students to engage with learning in three different phases:

Discovery learning: In Year 7 Integrated Studies students embark on a journey of discovery, inquiry and curiosity and develop skills for the 21st Century.

Dynamic learning: In Year 8 Integrated Studies students continue a journey of dynamic learning where innovation and creativity drive them to new heights.

Design learning: In Year 9 Integrated Studies students focus on design process learning and developing leadership and employability skills for the future.

Integrated Studies focuses on the integration of learning concepts, from across learning areas, always with a digital technology focus or learning outcome. In addition, learning phases focus on the development of student general capabilities with regards to teamwork, communication and problem solving, all key STEAM enterprise skills.