Welcome to real world learning
At Joseph Banks Secondary College, we offer students a range of STEAM learning opportunities. STEAM learning is embedded in every class, every day.

‘SciScope’ expands our vision of curious learners to Primary School students from Years 4-6. We aim to empower our next generation of students with the tools to explore their own curiosities and pursue a passion for science.

CoRE (Centre of Resource Excellence) is the perfect place for students who love science. Students work in business units on real-world projects to develop their enterprise skills. They also participate in a range of fieldtrips to develop their understanding of how the world works

Our Northern Perth P-TECH program complements existing tertiary cyber security initiatives by providing the opportunity for the cyber security industry to ‘reach back’ into secondary schools to encourage and support more young people to pursue a cyber security pathway that extends beyond school

Our approach

Our College continues to grow, develop and refine our approach to STEAM Learning. Our aim continues to be for all students to develop into young men and women with the enterprise skills required to actively participate and contribute to society.


We continue to develop our work around a focus on the Sciences, Technologies, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics. Refining our current programs, whilst looking ahead to exciting future opportunities for our students in STEAM.

Looking Forward 2025

Building Curious Learners and Co-designing Learning Experiences


As a developing and growing College, we were successful in our application to become a STEM TDS school when the initiative was launched through the Department of Education in 2016. In this inaugural year an interdisciplinary team of staff worked with the whole staff to develop and define the STEM approach at Joseph Banks Secondary College.


We invested in this group and provided professional learning through a STEM tour, with the group visiting a number of different schools throughout Australia to enable us to learn from the successes of other schools.


The STEM Team developed a vision for STEM at Joseph Banks Secondary College through collaboration with staff to gain a collective vision. Our College are very keep to avoid being a College with a STEM program, rather our focus is on:

Joseph Banks Secondary College = a STEM school

In our in our initial Looking Forward document we outlined how we would develop an integrated approach to STEM across learning areas, to ensure our students are both curious and creative and able to tackle problems with persistence and resilience.


Our approach to embedding 21st century skills with an inquiry learning focus is central to this and provides multiple pathways for students in STEM, providing for all students both vocational and further study options in STEM or STEAM, when we add The Arts to the program.


Our leadership in STEM has continued and the College has participated in further Department of Education initiatives including as a STEM Innovation School, a STEM Enterprise School and most recently as a STEM Pioneer School.


Joseph Banks Secondary College has established a variety of Science and STEM based opportunities for students and is recognised as employing innovative practices as a STEM School – our approach is outlined in our STEAM Learning Engagement Strategy.

Space Science Education Centre Announced

Winner: 2021 Governor's School STEM Award

We are extremely proud to share the exciting news that Joseph Banks Secondary College was announced as the Winner of the Secondary Leadership Excellence Award as part of the Governor’s School Stem Awards!


The Governor’s School STEM Awards were established to recognise the support and commitment of school principals and leadership teams in developing their schools’ science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs. The Awards identify high quality outcomes and approaches in STEM subjects as well as in the way STEM teaching is integrated across learning areas.