World War II

Domain: Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 or 3
Length of Course: 1 Trimester

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The social and political vacuum following the Great War left Europe and much of the world ripe for the rise of tyranny. This allowed evil men to commit mass murder at an unprecedented scale. However, every story has two sides and as an effective historian, you must tread carefully as “…history is written by the victors” (Churchill).

Through the lens of an historian, you will critically examine World War II by using and creating questions for inquiry, based on a range of sources and build on your understandings of the key historical concepts.

The causes, events, and the implications of World War II in both Europe and the Pacific will be key focus areas with further investigations into major events and significant figures of the conflict. The course will touch on the Inter-war period, with an emphasis on the years 1939- 1945. Students taking this thought-provoking course will gain skills as a critical historian, able to develop arguments based on evidence, and demonstrate sound skills in source analysis.

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This course is further complimented by:

  • Modern History (ATAR)

Students undertaking this course may wish to consider tertiary studies in:

  • Law
  • Anthropology
  • Criminology
  • Journalism

This course suits direct workforce entry into the following:

  • Administration
  • Librarian
  • Museum Officer
  • Tourism

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