Course Selection Interviews

Dear families,

I am excited to provide you with an overview of the course selection process for Year 11, 2022.   

Year 10 students will be required to select their courses and preferred pathway for Year 11 later this term.  The courses that students select will determine their preferred pathway in Year 11 and 12, and beyond.  As such, we understand that parents and students will require additional support and guidance to make such an important decision. 

To support and collaborate with students, each parent will be contacted via telephone in advance of Week 7 to organise an interview with their specific course counsellor to finalise course choices for Year 11, 2022.  This is an opportunity to discuss and finalise your child’s preferred pathway.

Domain Leaders will also provide an overview of the courses available to students next week, in addition to a family engagement evening which will take place the week prior to Selection Week on Wednesday 2nd June from 6- 7 pm in the Discovery Centre.

Course Counselling Timeline 

Week 6                 

Year 111, 2022 Course Overview and Student Pathway booklets will be live on the College website. 

Domain Leaders will present to Year 10 students in assembly to provide an overview of the course options for 2022 during Contact. 

Week 6 and 7        

Learning Mentors will contact parents to arrange course counselling interviews in advance of Week 8.  These meetings will take place at time convenient to parents. 

Week 7                  

Year 10 to 11 (2022) Parent Evening.  Information will be provided in regards to meeting the requirements WACE, in addition to an overview of the pathways and courses available in Senior School.  The evening will take place on Wednesday 2nd June from 6 – 7pm in the Discovery Centre. 

Week 8                  

Selection Week.  Collaboration between the Course Counsellor, student and parents will take place in a pre-arranged appointment time.  This is an opportunity to discuss and finalise courses choices for 2022. 

Please note that the Student Pathway booklet and the Course Selection Booklet will be available on the College website next week. When this document is live, I will email to inform you of this. 

Please find a list of the course counsellors listed below for each Contact Class below: 

Contact Group Counsellor 
10.1 Eleanor Hughes 
10.2 Vanessa Scott 
10.3 Liz Smith 
10.4 Phil Wass 
10.5 Peter Horton 
10.6 Leon MacFarlane 
10.7 Tennille Richardson 
10.8 Jess Lamb 
10.9 Paul Muir 
10.10 Sarah McGill 
10.11 Morgan Hunter 

We look forward to supporting you and your child in selecting their pathway for 2022. 

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. 

Kind regards