Fashion Design

Domain: Technologies
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 or 3
Length of Course: 1 Trimester

Course Information

Do you want to be the next Marc Jacobs? This is an intensive course designed to cater for the next generation of fashion designers. You will develop your fashion design and construction skills and will focus on designing and creating a pair of track pants to suit your individual style. You will explore different decorative techniques and create a screen-printed tote bag. You will extend existing knowledge and apply real life techniques and processes, including creating fashion illustrations and mood boards in order to showcase creativity in a fun environment.

Pathway Information




This course is further complimented by:

  • Materials Design and Technology – Textiles (General)
  • Certificate II Applied Fashion Design

Students undertaking this course may wish to consider tertiary studies in:

  • Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Production and Design)
  • Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
  • Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising

This course suits direct workforce entry into the following:

  • Patternmaker
  • Costumer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Retail Buyer
  • Jeweller
  • Interior Decorator

Additional Information

Estimated Charges: $90