Music Academy (Year 9)

Domain: The Arts
Timetable: All Trimesters
Length of Course: 1 Year

Course Information

The Music Academy is a ‘hands on’ elective, focusing on the practical exploration of Musical conventions. Opportunities will be provided to develop skills, knowledge and an understanding of performance and theoretical elements. In this elective you will broaden your knowledge and appreciation of Music as an art form, profession and life skill through a performance based elective, supported by Music creation and exposure to performance through workshops and excursions/ incursions.

Additionally, students will be required to participate in at least one co-curricular opportunity within the Arts. This could include participation in activities such as: The College Band and/or ensembles, choir, musicals and productions, presentations, performances or exhibitions, Cheer team training and competitions or the Visual Arts club to name a few. Co- curricular programs and commitment will be discussed with students at the beginning of the school year.

Areas you will be covering include:

  • Singing (lots of it!)
  • Technology in Music: Garage band/ Recording /Song writing/ Composition
  • Theory & the Elements of Music, including the history of Music
  • Aural and Improvisation Skills
  • Ensemble work (Various formats example cover band style groups, percussion.)

Additional Information

Estimated charges: $150 to Major in this Academy