PECAN Hackathon

Over the weekend, four Joseph Banks Secondary College students participated in the Perth vs Canberra Cyber Security Capture the Flag (CTF) competition.

The Joseph Banks Secondary College 2021 PECAN team.

The aim of a Cyber Security CTF is to solve challenges in cyber concepts such as stenography, software reverse engineering, digital forensics and web exploits. Upon solving these challenges, students are presented with a flag which they can redeem for points.

Our Year 8 team were one of the first teams to solve one of the sponsored challenges, designed by Jacobs. They won a series of shirts for their amazing efforts in solving the challenge.

Selassie Chaparika and Zack Waldram – Winners of the Jacobs Challenge

Overall the Joseph Banks Secondary College teams came 4th in their division, and outstanding effort for the students!

Joseph Banks Secondary College provides unique opportunities for students to learn how to hack systems ethically, they then have the opportunity to put these skills to practice in events such as the PECAN CTF.

Congratulations to the students involved!

Shaun Barnett
Network and eLearning Coordinator