Sporting Academies

Sports Academy’s focus on developing pathways for students beyond just committing to a sporting team.

Soccer Academy

Our vision for the Soccer Academy is based on the philosophy of the FFA and their vision for the development of “The World Game”. The players will follow a journey that focuses the importance of being part of a team, developing skills and knowledge of game play whilst providing improved opportunities to compete in the SSWA School Completion teams.


The elite Joseph Banks Triathlon Academy (JBTA) training program is planned to develop the physicals fitness and skills required for the three different components triathlon. The students develop leadership and life skills while building positive relationships with their peers and coaches. A focus on a healthy lifestyle and the cross fitness will prepare students to represent the College and challenge themselves against peers from other schools in triathlon and cross country events.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Rugby Program

The Rugby program introduces students to the various pathways into Professional Sport using the vehicle of Rugby. The development pathway covers a detailed pre-season plan, including elements of; Nutrition and Supplementation; Strength and Conditioning; Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation; and Basic Movement and Patterns, leading to advanced movement and conditioning. Students are prepared for competitions with various teams entered into Rugby WA 7’s competitions, the Northern Schools Rugby Championship and in the school 7s Night Carnival competition.