Visual Arts

Domain: The Arts
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 or 3
Length of Course: 1 Trimester

Course Information

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist? Through a variety of mediums, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, you will learn the basic skills needed to create stunning works of art. With each new project, you will experiment with different techniques and materials, discovering new ways to bring your ideas to life.

But it’s not just about the technical skills – you will also dive into the fascinating world of art history and theory, exploring the cultural and social contexts in which art is created. You will analyse and evaluate a range of art styles and techniques and develop your critical thinking skills as you consider how these contexts can influence the meaning and interpretation of artworks. And the best part? You will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers, bouncing ideas off each other and providing feedback on each other’s work. You will develop your teamwork and communication skills and build a supportive artistic community around you.

Overall, this elective is an exciting and rewarding journey into the world of art. With each project, you will discover new skills, new perspectives, and new ways to express yourself creatively. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get creative!

Additional Information

Estimated Charges: $30