2021 ATAR Results

Dear Families,

Our Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority has published Year 12 ATAR results well before Christmas. This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to close the 2021 school year with a celebratory communication to our College Community. Congratulations to all of Year 12 students who have worked incredibly hard over the past two years. Our ATAR students have done exceptionally well.

Our Class of 2021 – Orion

Our median ATAR – 79.85 (just shy of the magical 80). Our top ATAR was 98.10 and we had 4 students achieve 95 and above:

80% of our ATAR Students achieved an ATAR over 70
31% of our ATAR Students achieved an ATAR over 70
31% of our ATAR Students achieved an ATAR over 80
18% of our ATAR Students achieved an ATAR over 90

Additionally, the below awards were presented to members of the Orion Cohort by the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority:

VET Certificate of Excellence: Primary, Environmental and Animal Care Industries

Mitchell, Tilly

Certificate of Distinction

Waldram, Macy

Certificate of Merit

Bishop, Lowri

Carter, Olivia

Ceballos, Vincent

Cruickshank, Finlay

Devey, Oscar

Dobson, Katie

Gibson, Molly

Holdsworth, William

Kelsey, Lisa

Price, Jessica

Sharrock, Rylee

Smith, Bailey

Tempest, Kelly

Thompson, Jacob

Trompeter, Kaelyn

These are results of which we should be very proud. Our students are exceptional, as are out staff. Congratulations to the Orion Community, Ms Richardson, Ms Dhue, Ms Sharrock and Mr Muir who have all expended extraordinary effort to ensure our students success. I am grateful to everyone who has worked to help achieve these results.

As this will be my last opportunity to communicate with families prior to the beginning of the new school year, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to building on our successes with you in 2022.

Kind regards,
Eleanor Hughes