eSports Carnival Success

On December 2nd 2021, Joseph Banks Secondary College hosted the second annual Interschool eSports Carnival with Alkimos College and Clarkson Community High School in attendance. The event was an amazing success, with roughly 70 students in attendance from the three schools.

Students participated in a range of games and activities throughout the day, including competing for the team champion, most valued player and school winner awards.

Associate Principal, Liz Smith opened the event stating “the eSports Industry in Australia is currently worth $3.65 Billion” and that the “College will facilitate 12 eSports Classes in 2022”.

The day was split in to two areas, both being live streamed on the College’s Twitch Channel. Students that are involved in the College’s eSports Student Leadership Team facilitated part of the live stream, by shout casting (the esports equivalent of commentating). Alliyah Nukunuku and Alex Brown are year 8 and 9 students at the College, and faced their nerves to be the first shout casters in College history.

Karamo Kromah (Team Captain - Overwatch), Evan Cockburn (Team Captain - Overwatch), Alliyah Nukunuku and Alex Brown (Shout Casters), conducting a post game interview on the College's live stream.

Both Alliyah and Alex invited team captains to join them for an interview to ask them questions about the previous games, and get an understanding of how the teams approached the challenges throughout the competition.

While the day was a fantastic opportunity for all the students involved, with some even winning a team or individual award.

Valorant Team Champion

Congratulations to the team from Joseph Banks Secondary College who won the Valorant Team Champion. This award is presented to the Valorant Team with the most wins and point accrued through out the day.

Individuals in Photo (left to right): Shaun Barnett (eSports Academy Director), Zack Waldram (Team Captain), Chris Reid-Barber, Reign Hey, Zach Middleton, Thomas Menzies, and Georga Cole (eSports Coach).

Overwatch Team Champion

Congratulations to the year 7 team from Joseph Banks Secondary College for taking out the Overwatch Team Champion award. Similar to the Valorant Team Champion, the Overwatch Team Champion is awarded to the team with the most wins and points accrued through out the day.

Individuals in Photo (left to right): Shaun Barnett (eSports Academy Director), Cooper Christophersen, Evan Cockburn (Team Captain), Tyson Knight, Haydn Fong, Kyuss Barrett, Austin Morris, and Georga Cole (eSports Coach).

League of Legends Team Champion

Congratulations to the team from Clarkson Community High School for taking out the win in the League of Legends Competition for the event.

Rocket League Champion Duo

Congratulations to Alessio La Pegna and Cooper Christophersen for winning the Rocket League Champion Duo after being undefeated throughout the event.

Individuals in Photo (left to right): Shaun Barnett (eSports Academy Director), Alessio La Pegna, Cooper Christophersen and Andrew Willetts (eSports Coach).

Super Smash Brothers Individual Champion

Congratulations to Austin Morris for winning the Super Smash Brothers Champion Individual for the competition.

Most Valued Player

Congratulations to Zack Waldram for winning the Most Valued Player (MVP) award for the event. At the end of each game, students were asked to vote for a player on the opposing team that was considered the “Most Valued Player” for the team throughout the game that had just been played. Zack walked away with over 20 number one MVP votes for the event.

A special thank you to Asus who donated a ROG Gaming Headset to the prize pool for the MVP award.

Individuals in Photo (left to right): Shaun Barnett (eSports Academy Director) , Zack Waldram (Valorant Team Captain, MVP Winner) and Jim Lee (Commercial Business Manager, Asus Business)

School Champion

At the end of the day, all of the points are added up and averaged to find each schools average number of points scored per game. The school with the highest average number of points per game is declared the School Champion.

Joseph Banks Secondary College
98 points per game (avg)
Alkimos College
89 points per game (avg)
Clarkson Community High School
76 points per game (avg)
Zack Middleton and Reign Hey accepting the 2021 eSports School Champion Trophy on behalf of Joseph Banks Secondary College

Congratulations to all the Schools and Students involved in another successful Interschool eSports Carnival. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. To find out more information about the College’s eSports Academy, please visit

Shaun Barnett
Network and eLearning Coordinator
eSports Academy Director

Joseph Banks Secondary College

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