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After 3 years of eSports at Joseph Banks Secondary College, eSports will be recongnised as a College academy in 2021.
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Our eLab is the home of College eSports. There are gaming grade desktops, laptops, complete with gaming chairs.
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Welcome to eSports at Joseph Banks Secondary College

We teach students how to compete and play effectively through lessons and curriculum designed to teach students team work, communication, resilience, respect and problem solving. Students in the eSports Academy will develop their skills through game play and unplugged activities.

What is eSports?

eSports is a form of sports competition using online video games. At Joseph Banks Secondary College we focus on video games that are team based. Any student enrolled at Joseph Banks Secondary College can express their interest in joining the eSports Academy, students are then placed in the Academy if spaces are available. Students in the Academy will attend eSports before or after school depending on the College timetable.

Take a look at our eSports Academy and how it works.

Why eSports?

The aim of the eSports Academy is to provide an opportunity for every student to be apart of a team and competitive environment, while learning skills that can assist them in all aspects of life. Our programme assists students in the development of their communication, problem solving, collaboration, resilience and team work skills.


Students that join the academy have the opportunity to develop these skills, both on the computer and unplugged.



2020 Interschool eSports Carnival

The Joseph Banks Secondary College eSports Teams had the unique experience on November 25th 2020 to compete in the first annual Interschool eSports Academy, hosted at Joseph Banks Secondary College.

All of the College’s eSports students had the opportunity to participate in the event, winning points for the schools tally, ultimately resulting in Joseph Banks Secondary College being crowned the champions.

The event was streamed on Twitch, and at one point had over 2000 live viewers.

Joseph Banks Secondary College plans to host a bigger and better event in 2021.

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Academy Structure

In 2022 the Academy will introduce two different streams that students can participate in. All students that are new to participating in eSports will be placed in the Contenders stream.

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Pro League

Academy Games

We have a diverse range of games available for our teams to compete in. Each game has their own relevant competitions, which may include state, national and international. All of our taught games focus on working in team environments. Students can participate in as many games as they like, provided their is space on their timetable to join.