2021 Year 12 Results

At the start of January, the college received an overview of our Year 12 results for 2021.  We have previously communicated the success of our ATAR students where they achieved a median ATAR of 79.85.  This median has put the college in the top 20 of public schools across the state, which is an outstanding achievement.  An overview of the students’ collective performance is shown below:

  • 18% of our ATAR student finished in the top 10% of the whole of Australia
  • 31% of our ATAR students finished in the top 20% of the whole of Australia
  • Overall, 79% of our ATAR students finished in the top 30% of the whole of Australia

Over the past few years, our median ATAR has continued to improve.  Additionally, our top ATAR student was in the top 2% of the whole of Australia, which is an outstanding achievement.


2020       2021       2022

41.85     74.95     79.85


2020       2021       2022

91.40     96.30     98.10

Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) – 99%

In addition to our ATAR students’ successes, our General and VET students have also been successful.  As a college, we are passionate about ensuring that no student falls through the cracks.  We are also passionate about supporting students to thrive towards academic excellence in their own personalised pathway.

Collectively, 99% of the Orion cohort obtained their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), this was one of the highest WACE completion rates in the state.  This was a result of students hardwork and determination to be competitive in their chosen pathway post school.  Additionally, the students worked extremely hard in timetabled Online Literacy and Numeracy classes (OLNA) which were timetabled as part of the school day in addition to after school.  In meeting the requirements for OLNA, this ensured that they met the requirements for WACE.


2020       2021       2022

86%        91%        99%

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Our students were successful in obtaining a range of tertiary qualifications throughout their time at the college.  The College was in the top five for schools across the state for completion of tertiary qualifications at both Certificate II and III level.  Collectively as a cohort, the students completed:

  • 238 Certificate II qualifications, which included:
    • Skills for Work, Business, Electrotechnology, Retail, Animal Studies, Community Services, Sport Coaching, Sport and Recreation, Plumbing, Engineering and Automotive Servicing Technology.
  • 55 Certificate III qualifications which included:
    • Business, Business Administration (legal), Events Management, Education Support, Fitness, Sport and Recreation, Music Industry, Accounts Administration and Early Childhood and Care.

Overall, we are extremely proud of the Orion students individual and collective successes.  A significant number of students have secured places in the next step of their individualized pathway to success at either University, TAFE or employment. 

Mr Paul Muir
Associate Principal – Senior School.