The Garden Club

Our students have been working extremely hard to resurrect some of our beloved plants which had unfortunately died due to the very hot weather over the school holidays. They have also been growing some other interesting veggies. If you have had the pleasure of seeing some of our cucumbers, you would be extremely impressed! Our garden is only fertilised organically by our famous “worm juice”! We have also been successful in starting to grow some eggplants and grapes.

Students can join the Garden Club at any stage. If they would like to be involved, please ask them to send a direct message to Ms Georgia Smith or Mr Alex Westin so that they can send a weekly message on SEQTA to remind students of the times.

Due to Covid restrictions, our sessions have increased to accommodate each year group:

Year 7s – Tuesday Middle School Lunch

Year 8s – Wednesday Middle School Lunch

Year 10s – Thursday Senior School Lunch

Stay tuned for more updates as our garden continues to blossom!

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