Writing for Purpose

In Writing for a Purpose, you will learn how to write a range of texts, focusing on the importance of structure, clarity and using language to effectively influence your audience.

You’re A Wizard Harry

In this course, you will use the Harry Potter series (both the novels and their film adaptations) to explore notions of dichotomy, such as good and evil, as well as learning about a range of literary conventions, such as archetypes, allusion, intertextuality and symbolism.

English (ATAR)

The English ATAR course focuses on developing students’ analytical, creative, and critical thinking and communication skills in all language modes, encouraging students to critically engage with texts from their contemporary world, the past, and from Australian and other cultures.

English (General)

The English General course focuses on consolidating and refining the skills and knowledge needed by students to become competent, confident and engaged users of English in everyday, community, social, further education, training and workplace contexts.

Literature (ATAR)

In the Literature ATAR course, students learn to create readings of literary texts and to create their own texts, including essays, poems, short stories, plays and multimodal texts.