Visual Art Academy (Year 10)

Domain: The Arts
Timetable: Trimester 1, 2 and 3
Length of Course: All Trimesters

Course Information

The Year 10 Visual Art Academy course focuses on making and exploring images in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. In this course you will be encouraged to work in a more independent manner in a studio environment developing and experimenting with a variety of techniques and processes to refine and reflect a personal aesthetic.

You will have opportunities to apply decision-making skills to discover the most effective way to communicate ideas by combining art elements, principles and knowledge of materials. Through the comparative analysis of artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations, you will learn to discuss and describe how artists or artworks communicate and challenge ideas and meaning. The knowledge and understanding of the work of different artists will extend your awareness of style, techniques and how to approach new challenges in artworks.

In this course you will maintain a studio workbook that documents and justifies your selection, refinement and presentation in art creating and making processes. Additional opportunities you will have include, working with an artist and/or visits to exhibitions and there will be an exhibition to showcase your artworks to the community.

Pathway Information




This course is further complimented by:

  • Visual Art (General)
  • Certificate III in Visual Art

Students undertaking this course may wish to consider tertiary studies in:

  • Certificate III Visual Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma of Visual Arts

This course suits direct workforce entry into the following:

  • Artist
  • Museum Officer
  • Merchandiser
  • Interior Decorator
  • Multimedia Developer

Additional Information

Estimated Charges: $120