Health Studies (ATAR)

In this ATAR course students explore health as a dynamic quality of life. They examine the impact of social, environmental, economic and biomedical determinants on health and their collective contribution to health disparities, as well as exploring approaches to address barriers which prevent groups from experiencing better health.

Netball Academy & Certificate II Sport and Recreation

This course will explore rich content including developing physical skills and tactics; strength and conditioning; umpiring skills; prevention of injuries; injury management; rehabilitation; along with developing and implementing training sessions focusing on the progression and regression of skill development.

Soccer Academy (Year 9)

Are you an elite soccer player who wishes to forge a path as a professional? Are you interested in developing your skills and tactical knowledge in a sport you’re passionate about within school hours? If yes, Soccer Academy is for you.

Soccer Academy & Certificate II Sport and Recreation

Utilising the program’s soccer focus, this class will also work on improving a wide range of skills, tactics and physical competencies, developing values and team collaboration as well as delivering social, mental and emotional wellbeing education to support the overall wellbeing of students.