ATAR Maths Preparation

This course will focus on key skills such as geometry, algebra, arithmetic and problem-solving to prepare you with strong foundations for taking ATAR Applications or Methods in Year 11.

When I Grow Up

In When I Grow Up, you will learn about one of the oldest types of stories: the Coming-of-Age story. From sickness and heartbreak to family and friendships, you will explore how growing is not easy for anyone.

F1 in Schools STEAM Challenge

F1 in SchoolsStudents who choose the F1 in Schools course learn the skills involved in engineering and designing a small Formula One model race using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software. The Formula One in Schools STEM Challenge is the world’s largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) student competition with competitors from 17,000 schools and 44 countries.  ‘Supersonic Racing’ […]

Art Now!

Contemporary art practice is no longer bound to realistic representation and the artist is free to express and explore ideas through whatever methods best communicates them. The re-interpreting of conventional images and concepts has allowed artists to question what has come before, re-interpreting the past and finding their own language to communicate their vision within the art context.

Avengers Assemble

In this course you will explore the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by examining narrative schemas, character archetypes, intertextuality and links to mythology.

Behind the Scenes

In this course you will learn the skills and knowledge to undertake the numerous roles needed to create a professional piece of theatre such as costume designer, stage manager, producer and set designer.