Throughout this course, students will explore a range of dance styles, techniques, and genres, and develop their abilities in choreography and performance.

Drawing and Printmaking

You will be introduced to established and contemporary techniques in drawing and printmaking-using lino, etching, screen-printing, collagraph and other printmaking techniques to explore a wide range of art materials to find visual solutions to challenges in your creations.

Photography and Film

This exciting course centres on the practices of photography and film. Students will focus on the practical aspects of photography and film and will gain the skills and knowledge to build a portfolio of their work. They will be able to work comfortably with both types of media and will gain valuable skills needed to work independently in the studio.

Ethical Hacking

In this course, students will be given an introduction to ethical hacking with a particular focus on understanding the tools available to ethical hackers through Linux platforms such as Kali.

Netball Academy & Certificate II Sport and Recreation

This course will explore rich content including developing physical skills and tactics; strength and conditioning; umpiring skills; prevention of injuries; injury management; rehabilitation; along with developing and implementing training sessions focusing on the progression and regression of skill development.

Saving Planet Earth

In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore the conservation of endangered Western Australian species, investigate the effects of pollution on the water cycle and explore aquaponics and aquatic ecosystems.

Physics in Action

Physics in Action takes you behind the scenes of some of the worlds most daring and extreme sports that only a handful of people are willing to try.

Space Academy: Solar Systems and Satellites

Solar Systems and Satellites explores the role of satellite technology in the exploration of the universe, and discovery of new stars and system, whilst unpacking the everyday impact satellite technology has on our life on earth.

Space Academy: Communication in Space

Communication in Space explores the world of ways we currently communicate in space, and will provide students with opportunities to unpack the links between the mining industry and space, robotics, AI and automation.