World War I

In this elective, students will explore the common myths and legends of the ANZACs. They will expand their understanding of the global political influences that dragged Australia into the conflict and examine significant events and people of the war.

English – Year 7

Our students create a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive types of texts, for example narratives, procedures, performances, reports and discussions, and are beginning to create literary analyses and transformations of texts.

Exploring the Unknown

Course Code: 9COREDomain: STEAMTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information Develop your exploration skills by ‘exploring the unknown’ in Year 9 CoRE. You will investigate minerals, looking at how chemistry is used to extract metals; you will explore our oceans using various remote survey techniques; and will develop a plan […]

Space Academy

In this elective you will work in partnership with space scientists to develop a training program for budding astrophysicists.

Exploring the Science of Everything

Exploring the Science of everything is designed to allow you to explore areas of Science that are of interest to you. It aims to reflect your interests in Science, introduce and improve Science Inquiry skills, and can be directly related to future careers that involve Science.

Fabulous Finance

In this fun elective, you will learn to develop money management skills such as saving for a rainy day, budgeting, what you need to know about personal tax, researching and buying a car, and why credit matters and using credit wisely.