Modern History (General)

Studying the Modern History General course exposes students to a variety of historical sources, including government papers, extracts from newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, cartoons, paintings, graphs and secondary sources, in order to understand the historical narrative including cause and effect, and the forces influencing people and events.

Career and Enterprise (ATAR)

Career education involves learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development. The Career and Enterprise ATAR course involves recognising one’s individual skills and talents, and using this understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work.

Health Studies (ATAR)

In this ATAR course students explore health as a dynamic quality of life. They examine the impact of social, environmental, economic and biomedical determinants on health and their collective contribution to health disparities, as well as exploring approaches to address barriers which prevent groups from experiencing better health.


Throughout this course, students will explore a range of dance styles, techniques, and genres, and develop their abilities in choreography and performance.

Drawing and Printmaking

You will be introduced to established and contemporary techniques in drawing and printmaking-using lino, etching, screen-printing, collagraph and other printmaking techniques to explore a wide range of art materials to find visual solutions to challenges in your creations.