House System

Early in our inaugural year, our foundation students undertook research about Sir Joseph Banks through an interdisciplinary research task in Integrated Studies. The outcome of their research was to propose a structure for a House system at Joseph Banks Secondary College.

When collating student ideas, many students had looked to Joseph Banks’ botany work for inspiration. One collection is known as the Florilegium. This collection stems from plants collected by Sir Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander while they accompanied Captain James Cook on his voyage around the world between 1768 and 1771. Other student groups had looked to our current local area and Banksia Grove community. Through all student proposals were ideals and values that each house should stand for. As such were able to use multiple student ideas to create our Houses, their colours and their identity.

Each House is a species of native plant, which is also a street name in the Banksia Grove community. The colours of the house are taken from the colourings of the native plant they represent. The values and ideals of the house, link to the traits of the plant and the common ideas generated by students as important characteristics.



Banksia ornata, known as the desert banksia, occurs in Western Australia, its flowers exist as cylindrical spikes which are yellow and golden in appearance.

With an ability and willingness to confront challenges with confidence and bravery,  Ornata see every opportunity as a challenge worth conquering!



Banksia Formosa, commonly known as Showy Dryandra, is a shrub endemic to Western Australia with a bright orange flower.

With enthusiasm and a commitment to improve, Formosa see every opportunity as a catalyst for growth, innovation and to strive to achieve their personal best!



Malaleuca incana, commonly known as the grey honey myrtle is blue-grey in appearance, flowering only in spring it is endemic to the South-West of Western Australia.

With an ability to focus and persist, with a firmness of purpose, Incana work to achieve success through pure determination!



Banksia serrata, commonly known as old man Banksia, is a woody tree with shiny and glossy green serrated leaves, and light green flowers that grey with age.

With the ability to be depended on, to work well with others and for others, Serrata are honest and hardworking, and use every opportunity to achieve excellence!