Technology & BYOD

Joseph Banks Secondary College has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program to add value to student learning. Please see below for BYOD configuration dates and times.

IT Support

The College has an on-site Technical Support Team that can assist students, staff and parents with a multitude of IT related problems and solutions. More information can be found below.

BYOD Discount Portal

Joseph Banks Secondary College has worked with JB HI-FI to secure discounted pricing on devices for the College’s BYOD program. Families that attend Joseph Banks Secondary College are welcome to purchase devices and accessories, including cases, smart pencils, and extended warranties through this purchase portal.

This portal has options for both the Middle School and Senior School BYOD Programs. This is an optional service available to Joseph Banks Secondary College families. It is not a requirement that students have a device that has been purchased through this service. Families should conduct their own research to find the pricing and supply options that work best for them. 

This supply and delivery of devices and accessories is provided by JB Hi-Fi. Enquiries regarding orders after they are placed should be directed to JB Hi-Fi as Joseph Banks Secondary College is unable to provide any updates associated with orders.

Benefits of ordering through the BYOD portal include:

Middle School


In Middle School an Apple iPad is our supported BYODD. Other devices are not supported in Middle School.

Outlined below are the minimum specifications information you will need and it is important to ensure these are met in order to enable your child to access the internet through the College’s WiFi network. These specifications will also accommodate the electronic resources provided by the College.


Jamf School (ZuluDesk)

During Term 1 2019, Joseph Banks Secondary College trialed an App called Zulu Desk with our Year 7 cohort. This App allowed teachers to have better control over student devices while they are being used in the class room. Zulu Desk is complemented by the Apple Class Room App which allows teachers to view all student devices at the same time. This provides greater supervision for monitoring student activity while they are on campus.

We know that many students use iPads and other technology for the first time when entering high school. Research says that cyberbullying increases in teen years (Dr. Ken Shore). Our aim in using this app was to decrease opportunity for misuses of iPads at school.

From Term 3 2019, the Zulu Desk trial was considered a success with 96% of staff requesting its permanent implementation. All of the staff involved in the trial noticed an increase in student productivity and the quality of work being produced. As a result, the College’s Leadership team has now made Zulu Desk mandatory for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students.

While in class, teachers will be able to restrict what apps and websites students have access to. To students, their iPad will work exactly the same, as usual, and there will be no restrictions on student’s devices outside of the College’s learning hours. In 2020 the College plans to launch the use of the parent equivalent of Zulu Desk. The parent App will allow you to enforce your own App and Website restrictions while your child is at home.

The App will assist teachers to deliver better student learning outcomes and help your child grow their curiosity and knowledge. The College will provide the Zulu Desk licence to all Year 7 and 8 students. The Department of Education provides all students with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of Apps and these, along with the NAPLAN app will be installed at the same time as Zulu Desk.

Zulu Desk needs to be installed at the College by our technicians. To allow this to happen, please deliver your iPad to the IT Service Desk, prior to the commencement of Term 1, 2024.

Please note, to undertake this process, your child’s device will be reset and the College will install a customised version of iOS 17 to ensure that Zulu Desk can be used to its fullest potential. Documents and photos should be synchronised with iCloud to ensure no documents or photos are lost. However, saved games and data within Apps will be lost. Therefore, it would be preferable to reset the iPad prior to student use. 

iPad Configuration Dates (2024)

During the summer school holidays, the college IT Support Team will be available in the Discovery Centre at the below times. Parents and students are welcome to deliver their iPad to the Discovery Centre for configuration. This process usually takes 20 minutes, and you are welcome to stay and wait, or come back to collect the iPad at another one of the available times:

Senior School

In Senior School students can continue to use an Apple iPad. This device is appropriate for continued use.

If parents wish students to have an alternative laptop or notebook device, perhaps more suitable for their Senior School Courses, the options for such devices are outlined below. There is no requirement for students to bring an alternative device.

We have found that all Apple devices and Windows 10 devices are compatible with our Network. Other devices may effectively connect to the Network, however, we would encourage you to communicate with our IT Service Desk if you are unsure. The IT Service Desk can be contacted to answer questions you may have about laptop or notebook devices. If you currently have a device at home that students may wish to use, we are happy to work with you to test the connectivity of these devices.

Network connectivity enables students to make full use of the device within the College and ensures that the appropriate protections are in place.

Microsoft Office

All students have access to Microsoft Office, supplied by the Department of Education at no cost. This can be used on devices at home and devices students may use at school. Information regarding how to access this is available at: Download and Install Microsoft Office 365 on a BYOD – Joseph Banks Secondary College (