Our Vision

The vision for Joseph Banks Secondary College is to create a vibrant culture of excellence, opportunity, innovation and success for students, staff and the community.

The focus of our work will be on learning through quality teaching and provision of the widest range of opportunities for individual achievement and learning success.

Our goal is for all students to be literate, numerate and curious, through the provision of a broad based 21st Century curriculum. By providing a quality learning environment and a supportive nurturing culture, our aim is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are active participants in their community. We want our students to be well prepared for tertiary pathways and life beyond school.

At Joseph Banks Secondary College our collaborative professional learning environment is a key ingredient in creating and maintaining quality education and supporting student learning to ensure that both students and teachers develop to the best of their potential. The school will be integrated with and connected to the community and students will be engaged in helping each other as well as providing service to the community.

Our Pillars

Joseph Banks Secondary College is founded on the following pillars upon which we will build our culture and which were negotiated through community, parent and student meetings in 2014. The Pillars are the building blocks for our work.


At Joseph Banks Secondary College we will provide multiple opportunities for all students to achieve excellence. Through specialised programs and strong partnership. Joseph Banks Secondary College will cater for a wide range of ability and interest.


At Joseph Banks Secondary College we will hold high standards and expectations for students, staff and the wider community. A culture of excellence will be supported by individual pursuit of personal best in all aspects of achievement.


At Joseph Banks Secondary College we will encourage and celebrate achievement. Students will be engaged in powerful learning that provides continuous opportunity for success.


At Joseph Banks Secondary College through inquiry and project based learning we will be innovative and forward thinking co-collaborators in creating unique opportunities that can contribute to real life application.

Our Agreed Values

Joseph Banks Secondary College’s values were established in consultation with Foundation Staff and Students. As a learning community we value: Inquiry, Respect, Aspiration and Resilience. These values form the basis of our Code of Conduct.

Joseph Banks Secondary College

Joseph Banks Secondary College