Brittni Balogh

Teacher in Charge - Digital Technologies

I started teaching at Joseph Banks Secondary College in 2023 but have worked as a teacher in Western Australia since 2016. Prior to becoming a teacher, I received my Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Chemistry. I was doing laboratory research at the time, but it was not the job for me. I have always volunteered to mentor and tutor students younger than me, and I have always found it very rewarding when a student’s eyes light up because a concept finally makes sense. Then I had an epiphany: why not make a living doing what makes me happy? That’s when I resolved to further my education, become a teacher, and get a Master of Education. Since then, I have been deeply committed to motivating and enlightening the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. 

As the Teacher in Charge – Digital Technologies, I have the privilege of guiding our school community into the digital age. It’s a role that marries my passion for education with my love for technology. In this capacity, I work closely with students and fellow educators to ensure we harness digital tools’ power effectively and ethically. Whether integrating interactive apps into our lessons, fostering digital literacy, or staying updated on the latest trends and innovations, my mission is to empower our students to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Together with the staff at Joseph Banks Secondary College, we strive to create a dynamic and forward-thinking learning environment where technology is a tool for inspiration, exploration, and growth.