Exploring the Unknown

Course Code: 9COREDomain: STEAMTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information Develop your exploration skills by ‘exploring the unknown’ in Year 9 CoRE. You will investigate minerals, looking at how chemistry is used to extract metals; you will explore our oceans using various remote survey techniques; and will develop a plan […]

Space Academy

Course Code: 9SPACDomain: ScienceTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information The Science Space Academy elective explores what it’s like to be an astronaut.  Is there life out there, and who’s looking for it? Do you like tinkering and putting things together? If you would like to be a pioneer in […]

Exploring the Science of Everything

Course Code: 9EXPDomain: ScienceTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information Exploring the Science of everything is designed to allow you to explore areas of Science that are of interest to you. It aims to reflect your interests in Science, introduce and improve Science Inquiry skills, and can be directly related […]

Maths for Life

Course Code: 9MMFLDomain: MathematicsTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information This elective is designed to support you in developing your numerical problem solving and greater numeracy skills to support you to experience success in the Numeracy component of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment in Year 10, if necessary, as […]

Problem Solving and Enrichment in Mathematics

Course Code: 9MPSDomain: MathematicsTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information If you have demonstrated a high level of engagement and interest in Mathematics, then this elective will interest you. It will involve working mathematically to solve complex problems, as well as enrichment through investigations and exploration of mathematical concepts. This […]

Fabulous Finance

Course Code: 9HFF Domain: Humanities and Social Sciences Timetable: <timetable> Length of Course: <duration> Course Information In this fun elective, you will learn to develop money management skills such as saving for a rainy day, budgeting, what you need to know about personal tax, researching and buying a car, why […]


Course Code: 9HDBDomain: Humanities and Social SciencesTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information Debating is a skill that encourages critical thinking, fosters engagement with global issues, and equips you with lifelong skills and the confidence to pursue your potential. With strong links to Politics and Law, this elective will teach […]

Deadly Diseases

Course Code: 9HDDDomain: Humanities and Social SciencesTimetable: <timetable>Length of Course: <duration> Course Information Throughout history the biggest executioner of the human race has been deadly disease and this elective is especially relevant at the moment! Whether it was the Black Death in 14th century Europe or present day COVID 19, […]