The uniform at Joseph Banks Secondary College is a representation of the College community.

Whenever the uniform is being worn at college or in public places, it must be worn in accordance with the uniform code.

The College’s colours are black, white, orange and teal. The uniform will carry the school logo so that students are clearly identied as Joseph Banks Secondary College students.

Uniforms can only be purchased from the Uniform Shop. All clothing is to be in a good state of repair, clean and neat.

Students must wear the formal uniform.

Summer Uniform

  • For boys the formal uniform is the white shirt with school logo and the black shorts with school logo. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • The girl’s formal uniform is the white blouse with the school logo and the black and teal check skirt or black shorts. The girls also have the option of wearing black shorts with school logo or the college dress.
  • Socks must be black or white.
  • Shoes must be completely black, including logos and soles.

Winter Uniform

(these items are additional or in place of items in the summer uniform)

  • Girls and boys may wear the college jumper or the formal black college jacket with the formal uniform.
  • Girls may wear black tights or full length black leggings instead of socks during the cooler months. Black pants with school logo are available as an additional option from the uniform shop.
  • Boys may wear plain black trousers with the school logo for winter wear.

Sports Uniform

(Compulsory wear in Physical Education and for Sporting events)

  • Teal and black sports polo with logo.
  • Sports shorts with logo.In winter students may wear the tracksuit pants with logo.
  • Students may change shoes for sport, and the sport shoe can be any colour.

Optional Items

  • The school bag is optional, but is good value. Students may have any colour bag, but girls must not use a handbag as a school bag.
  • Ties are available for both boys and girls, they add to the uniform for formal occasions.
  • Sports track pants with logo (for Physical Education and Sporting events only).
  • The Sports Jacket with logo (for Physical Education and Sporting events only).
  • Plain black rain or wind jacket may be worn to and from school only.
  • Hats are not compulsory but are available.

General Appearance

Students should negotiate with parents whether or not they can wear makeup. Discrete makeup will not be questioned. Any student wearing heavy makeup will be asked to remove it. Jewellery should be minimal. Long chains and hoops should not be worn to school as these pose as safety risk in many learning areas such as Technologies, Science and Physical Education. Long hair that is not tied back may also be a safety risk in these subjects. Students will be instructed to ties back loose hair in unsafe situations.

Students out of Uniform

Students not in uniform will be asked to change into a loan uniform if one is available. If no loan uniform is available parents will be contacted to either bring the correct uniform to the college for their child to wear or for permission, in writing via a text message or email, for the student to go home to get changed. In cases where the student is unable to change into correct uniform they will be isolated at recess and lunch for the day they are in incorrect uniform.

Uniform Shop

For Uniform Shop locations and opening times please click here.


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