Ensembles, Band & Choir

Playing in ensembles is one of the most rewarding activities for musicians. Joseph Banks Secondary College encourages students to be actively involved in group music making. 

Current opportunities for ensembles include: 

  • Classical Guitar Ensemble – Tuesday 8:00am-8:50am 
  • Contemporary Guitar Ensemble – Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm 
  • Percussion Ensemble – Tuesday 3:00pm-4:00pm 
  • Choir – Wednesday 3:00pm-4:00pm 
  • Junior Concert Band – Wednesday 3:15pm-4:15pm 
  • Senior Concert Band – Thursday 3:00pm-4:15pm 


Classical Guitar Ensemble 

Our IMSS classical guitar teacher, Mr Simon Rovis-Hermann, runs the Classical Guitar Ensemble. Students in this ensemble are given exposure to Mr Rovis-Hermann’s knowledge of music and love for the guitar. The ensemble allows students to perform pieces covering a variety of genres from classical music to the Beatles and Michael Jackson. All IMSS classical guitar students are expected to attend Classical Guitar Ensemble. 

Contemporary Guitar Ensemble 

Mr Michael Chapman delivers Music Academy programs and the Certificate III in Music Performance at Joseph Banks Secondary College. The Contemporary Guitar Ensemble will be run by Mr Chapman to help students increase their knowledge of the instrument whilst learning good technique and linking the theory of music to the making of music. Students will be taught essential musical skills such as listening/analysis, composition, and improvisation through a wide-ranging repertoire. All IMSS contemporary guitar students are expected to attend Contemporary Guitar Ensemble. 

Percussion Ensemble 

Percussion Ensemble is open to all interested students, whether taking percussion/drum lessons or not. It is led by IMSS percussion teacher, Mr Greg Brenton, who works on several pieces per term, building rhythmic skills ready for powerful public performances. All IMSS percussion students are expected to attend Percussion Ensemble. 


Miss Tessa Hutchinson runs the Joseph Banks Secondary College Choir. As one of our ITP tutors, Tessa works with students to provide them with opportunities to develop their skills as vocalists. In Choir, she brings together students from all year groups to teach them how to sing in harmony as an ensemble. Students do not have to be attending singing lessons to be a part of the Choir. All IMSS voice students are expected to attend Choir. 

Concert Band 

The Joseph Banks Secondary College Bands are led by Mr Gareth Goerke and Mrs Tegan Whelan, who work to build repertoire whilst offering students experience playing a variety of music styles. Members of these bands are given opportunities to perform for audiences at school assemblies, community events, and for showcases throughout the year. Both ensembles take part in the ABODA Schools Band Festival which provides students with feedback from an expert panel. All IMSS wind and percussion students are expected to participate in one of the school bands.