Vocal Extension

Program Outcomes

Vocal Extension Program aims to provide students the opportunity to learn every professional practice, industry standard requirements, experienced methods, vocal training tips, and every little trick there is to become sustain a successful career in the entertainment business as a vocal artist.

We endeavor to:

  • Develop student capabilities to the level they can go into the community to perform (old folk’s homes etc.)
  • Run lunchtime concerts regularly in conjunction with developing a school Radio Station with DJs, students recorded demos and vetted music to play during lunchtime and recess.
  • Have VE students ready to perform with the Jazz Band and Small bands in school assembly and concerts etc.
  • Incorporate the Cert classes work experience and workplace requirements, as roadie’s and sound engineers
  • VE students will become a part of the Showcase performances and present their own shows too

Program Outline

Vocal Extension Program as currently operating (personalized student development sessions) based on real life industry level performance and studio recording practices

Participation and individual practice are to be self-motivated as each student will be working on their own personalized strategy and towards their own goals, however they will follow the same process as outlined to achieve their outcomes.

  • Student performance assessment
  • Personal tuition session
  • Performance strategies and processes
  • Live performances
  • Student reassessment and repeat

VE Mentoring

Developing a mentoring program will allow the college to further its mission of providing students with ‘every opportunity to extend’ themselves ‘in reaching their full potential’.

Offering students these kinds of experiences allows them to experience success which helps to build confidence to be actively involved in leading out for the following opportunities.

  • Students organizing events
  • Students running lighting
  • Students running sound
  • Students doing bump in/bump out for events
  • Senior school mentors

Tutor Mr. Q Going

With over 30 years of professional entertaining experience and currently a resident entertainer at Crown Perth, I have seen, heard, and learned from the best in the business and am excited to have the opportunity to pass on this experience as the Joseph Banks Secondary College Vocal Extension tutor.

It is my profound pleasure to work with students in a live studio setting, and to instill in them the belief they need to expand and extend themselves beyond the raw talent they have. Additionally for them to strive to achieve greatness within themselves, and after that, be a singer of the highest professional standard.