Creative and Performing Arts Academy

The Joseph Banks Secondary College Creative and Performing Art Academy’s (CPA) promote innovative practice that encourage students to participate in a range of academy areas as described below.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Academy program is focused on exploring and experimenting with a wide range of media, techniques, skills, processes and styles. Through the use of a variety of materials, inquiry, approaches, techniques and processes, students are challenged to find and shape their own artistic style and expression.

The Music Academy program is a ‘hands on’ course, focusing on the practical exploration of Musical conventions through performance and theoretical elements to develop student’s musical skills, knowledge and understandings. Students broaden their appreciation of Music as an art form through music creation and exposure to performance through workshops and excursions/ incursions. A collaborate environment allows students to plan, rehearse and stage music productions for an audience.


The Drama Academy program provides students with a unique, exciting course focusing on students’ practical exploration of performance and production elements to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of drama as an art form, profession and life skill. Students work with industry artists to develop specialist skills and performance and production, developing their confidence and assisting in the development of team work, goal setting and leadership skills.