Peer Support

The purpose of Peer Support is to provide wellbeing that is “owned by students and led by students” (Peer Support Australia). It supports the pastoral care requirements of the college by both supporting year 7 transition into high school as well as providing ongoing leadership opportunities for our year 9 students (e.g. Year 7 Parent Welcome Evenings). The Peer Support Mentors facilitate regular contact activities intended to support the transition of year 7 students to Joseph Banks Secondary College, promoting optimism and exploring skills and aptitudes necessary to maintain friendships, develop health behaviours and grow as caring young individuals.

To become a Peer Support leader, students in year 8 are nominated by their middle school communities and train over a period of two days at the Grandis Sport’s Park Pavillion to join the program the following year. 

Congratulations to our Peer Support leaders in 2021:


Chloe Winter 

Poppy Kelliher 

Felicity Morris 

Taylor Tangipo 

Mason Love 

Amy Dziura 

KC Mendoza 

Maria Kanzi 

Layla Collins 

Charlotte Stanley 


Alex Brown 

Ava Swales 

Shayla Dicks 

Abby Gamit 

Keisha Jatnika 

Zenith MacLennan 

Laura Mayes 

Anne Noby 

Kimberly Orr 

Richaben Prajapati 

Rubie Childs 

Ruby Evelyn 

Jordan (Kai) Whennen-Guy 


Tillie Boast 

Reneza Raveora 

Sophie Furmark 

Liv Munro 

Tigerlilly Hauti-Maitai 

Emily Archell 

Cameron Paton  

Sky Levett 

Jaxon deBie 

John Daglish 

Riley Foster 

Ollie Watkins 


Frances Cubong  

Ella Simpson 

Mikayla Patterson 

Evie Tracey 

Ellie Cowgill  

Francelle Manilli 

Brian Nyguen 

Jacqueline (Jackie) O’Brien 

Angus Train 

Mischa Elliott 

Talia Crowley-George  

Sky Kovacs-Basham