Student Council

Our purpose is to represent the students and be their voice, with our overall aim being to improve the college community for all

The Purpose statement encompasses their actions and activities. The Council operates using a set of agreed norms that that they hold each other accountable for. 

1) Respect each other 
2) Have confidence and trust in yourself and others
3) Wait for your turn to speak  
4) Be reliable ( let someone know if you can’t come to meetings)  
5) Always be a leader and set an example 
6) Provide and listen to feedback 

Students involved in the Student Council are the representatives of the student body. They are seen as leaders by their peers and the College Community. They each have a personal portfolio they are responsible for. And are provided the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills.

The Student Council consists of;

  • 10 Year 12 students made up of 2 College Captains, 2 Sports Captains, 2 Cultural Captains and 4 Councillors
  • 4 Year 11 Councillors
  • 4 Year 10 Councillors
  • 4 Year 9 Councillors (1 from each community)
  • 4 Year 8 Councillors (1 from each community)
  • 4 Year 7 Councillors (1 from each community)

Students who wish to become a Student Councillor, have the opportunity to nominate themselves in September each year for a position the following year (Year 7 students get to nominate after week 4 for the current year). Once nominations close the nominees then present to their peers a short speech and their peers then vote. Students nominating for year 12 Positions also present to the School Executive team, as part of the selection process. The College Executive team do have the final determination on positions where necessary.

College Captains

Sports Captains

Cultural Captains

Student Councillors


  • Year 7 – Jerreky Kennedy
  • Year 8 –   Bella Dickson


  • Year 7 – Ellie Murphy
  • Year 8 –  Stephanie Kenasi
  • Year 9 – Hayley Woodcock


  • Year 7 – Etienne Venter
  • Year 8 – Charlotte Wathall
  • Year 9 – Arlyn Bensch & Lucas Quiambao


  • Year 7 – Faith Marais
  • Year 8 – Amy Carr


Alliah Patterson, Jordan Harvey, Aly Sow


Alexis Correia and Karamo Kromah


 Leah Malone and Skye Levett