Claire Croucher

Program Coordinator - Operations

Claire is an experienced educator with more than 20 years’ experience teaching English both here in Australia and in England. With degrees from Coventry University and Westminster College, Oxford she has taught across the age and ability range from Years 7-12.

Claire is a caring and supportive teacher and leader who has worked as an exam board moderator. Her organisational skills, and curriculum knowledge are the envy of the English Domain. Ever curious, Claire is always seeking ways to make learning fun and engaging for all students. She is passionate about creating a learning environment that promotes collaboration, is challenging, safe to make mistakes and promotes positive relationships. Claire loves working with students and staff to build their capacity to achieve their full potential.

She has always been a voracious reader, and loves sharing her passion for literature, particularly poetry and Shakespeare. Books are never far away from her. When she’s not reading, Claire is baking, and her Lemon Drizzle Cake is popular amongst the staff.